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Rationale for EMCELLE®E-D3 LIQUID

in drinking water for weaned pigs


Fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E are each metabolized differently by pigs.


Fat-soluble vitamin status in pigs is very complex because metabolism of each fat-soluble vitamin is different in the pig.  Pigs have a dietary requirement for vitamin A and vitamin E since neither can be produced in the body, while vitamin D can be produced in pigs that have adequate access to sunlight.  Without adequate sunlight, vitamin D would then be required in the pig’s diet.


While nursing, pig’s vitamin E and vitamin A status are usually adequate, however vitamin D status is usually low due to low levels in sow’s milk.  What is interesting is that vitamin E status goes down very quickly after weaning because of lack of body stores. Pigs’, vitamin D status continues to be very low, and vitamin A status is not impacted by weaning, since vitamin A is stored in the liver.


Weaned pigs can not utilize feed-grade vitamin E.


University and field studies have shown that newly-weaned pigs can not efficiently utilize the form of vitamin E found in nursery diets (vitamin E-acetate).  This causes pig’s vitamin E status to decrease very quickly after weaning.  . When drinking water is fortified with vitamins E and D from EMCELLE, vitamin E status (alpha-tocopherol) and vitamin D status (25-OH-D3) are dramatically improved.  For this reason, supplementation of vitamins E and D in the drinking water is recommended 2-3 weeks post-weaning (See Figures).  

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EMCELLE contains the same form of vitamin E found in sow’s milk.


EMCELLE E-D3 LIQUID contains the most bioavailable-form of vitamin E and is the only product that provides vitamin E in the same form that is found in sow’s milk.  Furthermore, these fat-soluble vitamins are micellized, which means that they are formulated to be made water-soluble and ready for absorption.


For more information view Dr. Stuart's AASV Paper.


Reprint of 2012 AASV paper: Fat-soluble vitamin needs for nursing and weaned pigs


Vitamin Products for Swine

         Oral (Drinking water or oral dosing)

                        EMCELLE® TOCOPHEROL (vitamin E)

                        EMCELLE® D3-LIQUID (vitamin D)

                        EMCELLE® E-D3 LIQUID (vitamins E and D)


                        VITAL E®-Newborn

                        VITAL E®-Repro